Final work on our enclosures!

Wire mesh to enclose the undercover outdoor koala enclosure has been the hard work of Brad and Mandy Turner who have given their weekends to us – literally ‘blood sweat and (almost) tears’, free to make this happen.
During the excessive heatwave they toiled and worked to make this beautiful enclosure come to fruition.
Thanks to Brad and Mandy for their precious time and effort. Finally our dreams are coming true!
Brad hard at work!

Girl power! Thanks Mandy

Russell and Luke Hansen, hard at work on the outdoor enclosure.

This is the final stage of the koala rehabilitation before release. They are given time in this outdoor environment where they can build up strength, climbing skill, and get used to being exposed to all weather conditions. They are fed by us and closely monitored during this time to ensure they have no lingering issues.

This work is due to the wonderful support of the Nexus Together Sponsorship Program, and we are so very grateful to them for this help!

Thanks also to Brendon Gray for the supply of recycled roofing sheets for this enclosure free of charge.

Without these wonderful people this would not be possible, and we are immeasurably grateful for their time, energy, and support!