Looking back at 2016

We are very grateful to the Queensland Government for the grant to help establish a plantation for eucalyptus trees to feed the koalas that come into care, as well as equipment for the koala care center.
2016 was a busy year with increased koala rescues, well above average. Spring and summer are the highest on record of injured and diseased koalas since we started.
With help from volunteers including land care and the government grant we have managed to clear, furrow and plant eucalyptus trees.
The challenges of drought having an effect on the growth of these seedlings having sustained some losses but hope to replant in the New Year to fill in the gaps.
The addition of rainwater tanks and plumbing the long term upkeep of these trees is now realised. All we need now is rain to fill these tanks and allow us to water the very precious new trees!

Tree Planting1