News – April 2016

March 2016 Blog - Tree Planting 1

A lot has been happening lately for Return to the Wild.

Hundreds of ‘’koala’’ trees planted by volunteers

Last month volunteers planted hundreds of eucalyptus trees in our newly prepared ground. Members of a local Landcare group and other volunteers worked hard over two weekends to plant Stage 1 plantation of trees that koalas love to eat. Although the work was hard, we all had a fun day. Thank you so much to you all. The trees are doing well despite our current dry conditions.

March 2016 Blog - Tree Planting 1

March 2016 Blog - Tree Planting 2

March 2016 Blog - Tree Planting 3

March 2016 Blog - Tree Planting 4

Development of the Critical Care Centre takes a great leap forward

Exciting progress to report this month regarding the Critical Care Centre. Through a donation by a generous sponsor, the Critical Care Centre has been professionally lined by a local builder. It looks fantastic. In addition to this donation Chris Wills, a volunteer electrician, carried out the initial wiring to the Centre before the insulation and lining began. So, once the flooring is completed, the next step is to work toward solar power for the property, and hence connection to power points, light fittings, and humidifiers. A huge thank you to Chris for his work. Many thanks go to Hayman’s Electrical for the donation of wiring.

Countless thanks go also to Brendan Gray for his work on the outside enclosure and to Excel Roofing for the donation of roofing material. The roof lining looks amazing.

March 2016 Blog - Clinic 2

March 2016 Blog - Clinic 1

Koala rescue news – one injured koala returned to the wild last month
Koala rescue news – the ongoing collection of koalas hit on our major roads continues. Koalas currently in care are still in pre-release stage. One happy case to report however is that one koala rescued by Return to the Wild Inc. was successfully treated at a wildlife hospital and has since been released back to where she came from.

Can you help? – essential support needed in covering costs of fuel
An urgent request!!! Our wonderful sponsors for vehicle and fuel of the past two years have sold their business and as such, we urgently seek a new sponsor to cover this vital cost.